Tuesday, April 1, 2014

4 + -1

Yep, negative numbers. Arianna discovered negative numbers yesterday  and is now having fun using negative numbers. While it's still very basic stuff, she's getting the idea. Both girls get a kick out of solving the "riddle" of negative numbers, i.e. two negatives equal a positive. LOL.  It's been an interesting day with them trying to find all the ways to get to a number using different math. 3 + 3,
3 x 2, 4 - -2, 8 + -2, Etc. Then it's fun to watch them trying to trip each other up! It's just my luck to have two kids who seem to really enjoy math!

 I think we'll spend some time reinforcing what they do know before introducing real and imaginary numbers. LOL. That should be fun!

Today we are getting back into the swing of stuff! Science fun today as we make geodes and transparent eggs! Tomorrow we start more on archeology, ancient Egypt and of course, music lessons!