Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A day of egg...

Which was a lot of fun!! The girls helped prep the eggs for geodes yesterday...

 so this afternoon we finished up the process for the geodes ...
and now we wait...and wait...and wait...(I'll post pictures once we pull them out of the jars tomorrow evening).

In the mean time we took a look at the transparent eggs.
These are about 6 hours into the process

I'll post the "normal" 72 hour eggs as soon as they finish (the ones we  had got "exploded" before I got pictures of them, so I'll get the  ones pictured above once they are finished with the process.

the finished ones that didn't get exploded turned into another eggsperiment..
We wondered how much of the food color would be absorbed by the egg membrane and pass into the egg itself (if any, remember this is science so we always have to ask questions...Oh and if your wondering, even though they are called rubber eggs, they don't really bounce on the driveway if you drop them over 6 inches...yes, we had to try it)

Anyway, here are the eggs in a couple of different stages of developement, the green and red have already had the shells completely dissolved while the blue is not yet at the 72  hour mark.


We'll post more pictures after the blue one reaches the 72 hour mark and the red and green will continue "cooking" until the blue one is ready then we will compare.