Tuesday, April 15, 2014

eggsplosions and dino's

Yep, eggsplosions..
We had science club today and finished up with the eggs. The colored eggs made an interesting splat when they landed. Then it was trying to see if we could make an egg float in a jar of water (using salt in one jar and plain water in the other). Then it was eggsplosion time. Each of the kids had an egg and had to device a way to keep the egg from breaking from a 2 1/2 foot drop (or there about). I was really impressed when the kids did their drops. Arianna's did die, but she redid the experiment and the second one survived. The other kids all had their egg's survive the fall (well, mostly. One of the boys dropped two in one experiment and only one egg died). Since the egg's all pretty much survived the drop, we had to take drastic measures to destroy them all! The kids had a ball smashing eggs.
After we got rid of all the "evidence" it was a little bit of a play day at the park and then home for dino diorama!
Yep we put the last four dinosaurs together and the finished up with the diorama..Of course at that point the baby woke up and everything had to be put away. They'll get to play with it more tomorrow!