Tuesday, April 15, 2014

mobile classroom...and Dino's

I thought it was still pretty nice out on Monday why don't we take stuff outside to do...The girls really got into it! They spent some time going through all the books deciding what they wanted to work on...Which meant my plan for Ancient Egypt went out the window. That's okay, they found something we'd planned on doing and figured it might as well happen NOW. So first we took out the table and benches then brought Dominic out in his chair to sit with us.

Then the books started coming out. They brought out way more books than I knew we could get through for the day. So we started with the past due project and would see how far we got.
We made it through a couple of dinosaurs.

There is a 3d image of each Dinosaur in the book, so we put it together and then read about it. At the end of the book we get to put together a diorama. We had some lunch, brought in the tables and got a little bit more done..
One of the neat things about these are that one side shows what the dino might have looked like, while the other...

shows their bones! The girls really like the bone side. They think it's pretty interesting seeing "inside" the dinosaur (which really makes me wonder how they will like dissection kits, but that's a while away so we will see).

We have a few more dinosaurs to get through today and science club. We are doing "eggsplosions". We have to follow up on the colored eggs, and then were going to see if the kids can figure out a way to protect an egg from a 3 foot drop...I think it's going to be a messy afternoon!!