Sunday, May 4, 2014


Hmmm. A subject close to all our hearts..

So the girls and I have found a site ( (it's also listed under Food/gardening/nutrition in the Cool/fun/educational tab). We've also been watching Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown on Netflix for some inspiration. Of course that seems to have backfired on me at least temporarily...Now the girls want to GO to the different places. LOL. So far the have Paris (of course...the oldest would absolutely freak to be able to go), Peru, Morocco and India...and we've only gotten started!

Friday I have to make a Costco trip so we've added an Indian market and the Asian market to our list of things we have to visit while we are in the "big city".  The girls are already looking through recipes online to see what they might try...and even Kaitlyn the  "don't eat green, or onion, or really any vegetable or fruit" is willing to try them! Maybe she hopes that with the different "flavoring" they use in the other countries will help her eat them. I'm just happy she's looking with an open mind...Well she was right up to the point they ate the ants on the Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown in Peru. That she wasn't really willing to eat...I'm just glad she was so grossed out she missed the "bathroom humor" that followed. While she loved seeing some of the others stuff (and really, some of it I'm glad she missed although it would have been over her head anyway). I need to find more "kid friendly" hosts/programs for them to watch.

Saturday we made a pineapple upside down cake from scratch..well except for the can of pineapple anyway. They are pretty excited you can make cake without actually having to buy the packaged stuff from the store. Which means they are now interested in trying to make tons of stuff by scratch..So we've pulled out the old Better Homes and Gardens "new cookbook" from the 1970's probably..okay, maybe the 60's..or possibly the 50's. The Dear Homemaker Page in the front says the last20 years...and they started doing this in the 30's so this COULD be from the 1950's..I remember having this since I was younger than the girls (It was a hand me down from a relative). They've been loving seeing some of the pictures and wanting to try new (old) things.

We started talking about what they like to eat and we thought about...

Homemade chili -
and our homemade sandwich rolls...
Our favorite toppings...
and then I thought this place isn't going to be this clean for a while..

We are going to be so busy in the kitchen!!

So on top of all that...It was time to think about the garden! We had a couple of nice days so it was time to pull out the rototiller and start working on the garden. Of course, I got last years garden area tilled up and then thought...Last  year we didn't do much in the way of gardening, what with expecting the new baby and everything. So I decided that we needed MORE space this year and started measuring out and marking so I know how much we are going to expend so we will have about a 48 x 12 garden this year, and I'm hoping it'll be hot enough to really start producing earlier than last year! Starting to put the list of all the vegetable we want to grow this year and then started wondering if even the "new" expanded garden would be big enough for everything I wanted to grow! With trying to eat much healthier than we have lately I'm hoping to have lots of the fresh stuff to eat versus going out to the store a lot..Nothing like saving some money and doing something fun with the kids to boot.