Wednesday, June 11, 2014

And least for right now..

So I'm done with the corner at least for now. I need maybe 1/2 more bag of mulch to cover the rest of the black ground cover, and I need an edge to go around it to keep the mulch off the lawn, but all in all it's pretty much done. I finally found another pineapple sage plant to add to the collection, as well as Spanish lavender, rosemary and fennel (I may have already mentioned that one). So right now we have Thai basil starts actually growing, some green onion finally coming up, marjoram, chives, parsley, Dill, oregano, sage, mint and a few others doing very well and should have enough for the outside garden and the inside living wall. I also did more on the front next to the house.
It also needs a little more of the mulch so I'll do that soon and get both sections finished as far as that goes. I need a few things to organize outside but I need my wonderful husband to build some things and weather proof them first. 
After I finished up with those things I got dinner done and then it was time for our "night walk" a little earlier than usual. The girls enjoyed showing their best buddy their new favorite place along the creek.
I had enough time to wonder how a little boy who doesn't walk yet, seems to get so dirty!
Tomorrow is our last big field trip, the girls are so excited they can't get to sleep! Hopefully it won't be to much longer because we have to get an EARLY start.