Monday, August 11, 2014

Creeks, Frogs/toads, crawdad's, friends and family

Yep, this is kind of how we've been feeling with all the hot weather we've had lately! So it  was down to the creek for a trip a week ago or so with some friends and even big brother came to play!

Josh and Dominic had a GREAT time playing in the water.  Dominic laughed so hard playing with big brother it was fun just to watch them. Then of course he got some time on his own as well.
The girls got into the act as well.

We had so much we had to go again! This time we invited a different set of friends (they were busy the time before with 4H and county fairs the last time). We had a ball. Dominic got to hang with his buddy Fred.
Ziah and Arianna went searching for crawdad's

And we had a successful catch
Kaitlyn found something else to play with.
They are already talking about the next trip. It's a good thing it's not to far away!
On top of all that I had booths to help out with two weekends in a row. The first one wasn't to busy and the girls even got to sit out front and watch the parade as it went by (and we won't even talk about how much candy they gathered!). Daddy made it right after and got them home while I finished out the day with my co-worker for the day. The next weekend was a bit busier and had a ton of fun! It was an old fashioned "country fair" (no rides) and all my co-workers were GREAT! Anna brought her daughter (Nat) who ended up joining the pie eating contest (she loved it and had a great time, but says she'll never do it again!) and then got soaked while doing the balloon toss! Nietzsche did great at the balloon toss and came back to the booth with a First place ribbon!
This week it's clean up time. With a couple of exceptions. We have books arriving tomorrow so we are all excited about that and then another delivery on Wednesday! So Tomorrow it's living room, entry way and kitchen before the delivery. Wednesday it's the bathrooms, bedrooms etc. before that delivery and then Wednesday afternoon and Thursday it's time to can some pears and dry some tomato's!
Today the last of the passports arrived so everyone is good to go for our upcoming vacation! The girls are starting to pack their "activity" bags for the plane trip, I even have a few things for Dominic. Lots of stuff coming up the next couple of weeks, then another event, and it'll be almost time to leave! I think we are all looking forward to another trip and have some fun regular places to visit and some new ones as well on the list for this trip!