Thursday, August 14, 2014

Just a few weeks left...

Yep, just a few weeks left before we head over to visit Omi and Opa for 5 weeks! The girls are now so excited they ask everyday how many more days. Once we hit 30 days it became a "where is your calendar" thing. Kaitlyn was honest enough to tell me she lost her little countdown calendar. I guess we'll make up another tonight. That way she can do the count down herself.

So far the "must go to" includes "Het Scheepvaartmuseum" Or the Maritime museum in Amsterdam. The girls had a great time last trip and hope that Dominic will get a kick out of the undersea room :)
The girls I think just want to play with the cannon again..
And of course Science Center Nemo
Of course now that the new and improved Rijksmuseum is complete (They only had a very small selection available last time we went (we still loved it though) we are told we "have" to go back. Yep, the kids liked it.
In the meantime, Today the girls decided they wanted to do math for fun. Yep, math! So they pulled out their math wrap ups stuff and went to work! I was going to leave them at home, but I may have to change my mind and bring them with us!
The girls started packing up their activity bags (their carry ons), I will of course have to go back through them in 2 weeks to make sure they haven't packed everything and the kitchen sink in them!
I have another delivery tomorrow and once I get everything going and see how I like them I'll post the links on where to get them and what we liked about them.